Insprired from Google Now and Dashclock

Insprired from Google Now and Dashclock

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Inspired from Google Now Widget and Dashclock.

To use this skin, you must have UCCW This is not a typical widget or app, this is a “UCCW Skin”. So after you install, this skin will ONLY show up in the “UCCW widget list”.

- Place a UCCW widget (4×2 or 5×2) on the homescreen.
- This will open the skins list. Skins downloaded from play store will show up ONLY HERE.
- Select the skin from here and you’re done.
- Resize it anyway you want to best suit your screen.

Video Tutorial for installation of skins in UCCW

Video Tutorial of UCCW

- After applying the skin as mentioned above, launch UCCW app itself.
- Tap Menu, tap “hotspot mode” and tap ‘OFF’. UCCW will exit.
- Tap anywhere on the uccw widget. It’ll open in uccw edit window.
- Scroll through the components in the bottom half of the screen.
- Assign apps to hotspots in this window. This IS a MUST.
- You can change color, format etc too (optional) in this window.
- When done, tap Menu, tap “hotspot mode” and tap ‘ON’. UCCW will exit.
- Your changes will now be applied to the widget.


- #1 UCCW widget configuration
- #2 Clock
- #3 Battery level
- #4 Update weather
- #5 dialer
- #6 SMS/MMS

- If you resize your Widget, hotspots may not functional correct. Launch UCCW app and deactivate “hotspot mode” and activate it again.

- Battery Bar doesn’t allow modification of color.
- Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean): If the skin doesn’t show up, please email

Veröffentlicht unter Widgets
Big Clock, Bigger Clock, SDS Clock and SDS2 Clock use the library color-picker-view. This library is licensed under Apache License 2.0, honor and thanks go to Daniel Nilsson and Sergey Margaritov. You will find the code under or send an email to opensource-cpv(at)