SDS2 Clock Widget (JB lock screen) sleek and minimal great looking clock widget. This digital clock and date widget occupied a size of 4×2 and have two launcher for your favorite apps (alarm clock, calendar, …). Support device language. Can also be used on lock screen.

- Fast way to check battery level. Battery indicator. A little dot indicate the battery level.
- After SDS CLOCK, now SDS2 Clock Widget gets also the fresh sleek font style. Check it out in your settings.

— for safety reason download always from google play —

More great clock widgets, here on the Google Play

* Two app launcher, start your preferred apps straight from your homescreen (clock).
* Background color
* Font style
* Font color
* Font shadow
* Battery indicator

If you’re using killer apps, add the service ‘SDS2 Clock Service’ to the ignore list.

For older version to put the widget on your homescreen:

* Long press empty space
* Select Widgets
* Select SDS2 Clock

Thanks for your comments and also check out other great and best clock and date widgets by sixdotseven, on Google Play Store!

SDS2 Clock

SDS2 Clock

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Big Clock, Bigger Clock, SDS Clock and SDS2 Clock use the library color-picker-view. This library is licensed under Apache License 2.0, honor and thanks go to Daniel Nilsson and Sergey Margaritov. You will find the code under or send an email to opensource-cpv(at)